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Queen’s Inclosure Primary School


Site Information

Queen’s Inclosure Primary School enjoys extensive grounds and a building with an award-winning design concept.

All persons entering our site are required to comply with our health and safety arrangements, including observing that QI is a no smoking or vaping site.  Dogs are not allowed on the site.

For security reasons, unknown visitors will be challenged; equally, parents are not permitted to walk through the school unaccompanied by a member of staff.  All visitors must sign in at reception.

Access is available by foot via Cornelius Drive or Burnside; unless there is severe weather, the side gate to the east of the school is also opened at the beginning and end of the school day. 

Limited parking spaces for parents are located at our Cornelius Drive entrance.  We encourage children and parents to walk to school whenever possible, and to park safely and considerately if driving.  Parents are not permitted to use the staff car park at Burnside at any time of day, including when dropping off or collecting children from clubs.

Children or adults bringing bicycles or scooters must dismount at the school gate; a shelter is provided.

Severe Weather

Access Arrangements in the event of extreme weather conditions.

Mr Murray, our Site Manager, will endeavour to grit or clear all access routes to the school building before school begins each morning. The following arrangements will be in place if more extreme weather situations mean it is not possible to secure safe access to the building from all routes, prior to the start of the school day.


The Mall – from Cornelius Drive entrance, the footpath from Burnside entrance and the paths around the building will be gritted as a priority.

The side gate to the east of the school may be closed to restrict access across the playground.


The Mall – from Cornelius Drive, the footpath from Burnside round the West end of the building and the access to the hall will be cleared of snow as a priority.

The side gate to the east of the school may be closed to restrict access across the playground. Children will access the building through the hall, welcomed by a member of staff. Parents will be able to access school main office as usual.

Direct access to the classrooms at the rear of the building may be restricted during times of heavy snow and/or snow melt, to reduce risk of injury.

Please continue to check the news feed on the Home Page for up to date information in the event of school closures due to extreme weather conditions. We will also endeavour to update parents via the text messaging service, as appropriate.

We ask that parents support these arrangements and thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Classroom Locations