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Queen’s Inclosure Primary School



Queen’s Inclosure can admit up to 420 children; we recognise the educational value of limiting class sizes to 30 and set our admissions limit at 60 per year group.  The school primarily serves families who live nearby but we also admit a number of children from out of catchment.

Please click here to use the 'School Catchment Finder in Hampshire' tool.

Open Days

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all parents and children, both in and out of our catchment area, to visit us at Queen’s Inclosure. We would like the opportunity to share our aims and hopes for our children and to show you around our innovative building.

The dates for our Autumn 2020 open day sessions will be confirmed during September 2020.

To secure a booking, we will need to know your name, address and have a contact telephone number; this information will be kept securely and will be used to contact you in the event we need to communicate any changes to the open days. It would also be helpful to know your child’s name and the name of their pre-school but you are under no obligation to provide this;  we would only use this information if your child is allocated a place at our school, which would enable us to get a head start on the transition arrangements after April 2021.

In the unlikely circumstance that we are oversubscribed for our open day spaces, priority will be given to prospective parents according to the admission criteria set out in our Admission Policy.

Please note that we are able to accommodate a maximum of 2 adults per family and that any buggies need to be left outside of the building. For more information on the admissions process, please visit

We look forward to hearing from you.

Please contact Sandra Ellert, Jo Harding or Julie Howieson (Admin Team) on 02392 268067 or via email to

Applying for a School Place

Children can begin school in the autumn term of the year in which they will be five years old. The procedure for applying for a place in our Foundation year group is outlined in our school’s admission policy (above).  Guidance is also available on the Hampshire County Council website.

Where applications are mid-year, or for older year groups, please contact the local authority Admissions Team on 0300 555 1377 for advice.  You will be asked to complete an Admission Application.  If the relevant year group is full, details are recorded on a waiting list until a place becomes available.

For additional information, and to apply for a school place, please visit: