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Queen’s Inclosure Primary School



Queen’s Inclosure can admit up to 420 children; we recognise the educational value of limiting class sizes to 30 and set our admissions limit at 60 per year group.  The school primarily serves families who live nearby but we also admit a number of children from out of catchment.

Please click here to use the 'School Catchment Finder in Hampshire' tool.

Open Days

Our Autumn 2020 open day sessions are currently on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak.  As advised by Hampshire County Council’s Public Health Team, the 'rule of six', established by the Government on 14th September 2020, restricts the gathering of people; events such as open days do not fall into the educational exemption.  Regrettably, allowing a proportion of the community into the school setting would present a significant risk to the school of exposure to COVID-19.

Applying for a School Place

Children can begin school in the autumn term of the year in which they will be five years old. The procedure for applying for a place in our Foundation year group is outlined in our school’s admission policy (above).  Guidance is also available on the Hampshire County Council website.

Where applications are mid-year, or for older year groups, please contact the local authority Admissions Team on 0300 555 1377 for advice.  You will be asked to complete an Admission Application.  If the relevant year group is full, details are recorded on a waiting list until a place becomes available.

For additional information, and to apply for a school place, please visit:

The application deadline for September 2021 for Year F/Year R is 15 January 2021.

Other key dates can be found HERE