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Queen’s Inclosure Primary School


Year F

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Year F Long Term Plan 2020-21

Autumn Term 2 - 2020

This half term, as part of our theme of Celebrations we have learnt about Bonfire night, Diwali, Armistice Day, Anti-bullying week. We have also enjoyed the build up to Christmas, singing carols, making reindeer food and writing Christmas cards. 

Bonfire night

For Bonfire night we learnt, about why we celebrate it and what we do on Bonfire nights. We had a COAT day activity in which the children got to create their own bonfire using sticks and leaves. And they also had a leaf firework celebration in which leaves where thrown up into the air like a firework.


We learnt all about how different people celebrate the festival of light and the different ways in which they celebrate it. We watched videos on how the Hindus celebrate Diwali and what they do. So in light of this we chose to create our own Divas using clay and sequins to decorate it. When all the clay divas had dried we placed them in a tray and had our own Diwali celebration in the classroom with music and candles.

Ice ‘Get me out of here’

Included in our Celebrations theme we have looked at how the season has changed from autumn to winter. As part of this we explored how leaves change colour and how ice forms and melts. The children had the chance to try and get animals out of the ice using different methods.


As part of our Christmas activities and build up, the children were given the chance to make reindeer food using different ingredients and then spread this food around the school grounds. Alongside this activity we have had the chance to draw on and decorate trees in the forest area as you would do with a Christmas tree. The children also practised subtraction through the use of Christmas trees and different decorations.