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Queen’s Inclosure Primary School


Year F

'COAT' Day Indoor PE
Each Monday Each Thursday

Year F Long Term Plan 2020-21

Autumn Term 1 - 2020

We can’t believe we are already at the end of our first half term in Foundation!  After all the home visits, the children have settled calmly and sensibly into their new school community.  The children have learnt our CARE code and made lots of new friends.
During these last few weeks, we have met Fred and Walter the Wizard. They help the children to learn their phonemes and ‘tricky’ words. In our Learning Spaces, we have been counting, strengthening our fingers and hands with playdough, drawing in chalk, mixing mud, riding the cars and bikes - and building amazing dens with the crates, blocks and planks!  One of the children’s favourite days is COAT Day. So far we have made stick people, built nests, sorted leaves and even made a number line using all the natural materials we find in the woods.