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Queen’s Inclosure Primary School


Year 6

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Year 6 Long Term Plan 2020-21

Year 6 Fairthorne Manor - 15 July

Year 6 Summer Term Newsletter

Year 6 Swimming Letter

Year 6 Easter Break Optional Learning

Spring Term Newsletter

Spring Term 2 - 2021

Throughout the remainder of Spring 2, we will be learning about:

English: explanation texts, which help to explain the special adaptations of a range of organisms, both from Earth and from Space! We will be recapping how to use dashes and semi-colons in our writing.

Maths: 3D shape and statistics (including pictograms, bar graphs, line graphs, tables, timetables, pie charts and how to find the mean). We will be continuing to focus on conversions between units of measure in our mental maths.

Theme: evolution and inheritance. Our Science learning will continue to focus on fossils, inheritance and adaptations within living organisms. In our Art, we will continue to practise our sketching skills, focusing on proportion and shading. Our R.E. will focus on the Empty Cross in the Easter story.

Spring Term 1 - 2021

During our lockdown period in Spring 1, our Theme was ‘Tomb Raiders’. Both the children at home and at school explored the lives of everyday Ancient Egyptians, focusing on interpreting the sources that we have available today. As part of our D.T. and Art learning, we made Ancient Egyptian death masks using papier mache.

During our Computing lessons, we learnt about spreadsheets and how these can be used in real-life situations. We made fully operational spreadsheets and pie charts. 

Autumn Term 2 - 2020

Year 6 have had an extremely busy half-term, where we finished off our learning about the Ancient Islamic Civilisation and moved swiftly on to our thinking about Ingenious Inventors. As part of our Ancient Islamic learning, we created our own repeating, isometric patterns and then water-coloured these.

The focus of our Design and Technology project was making a festive light display ornament similar to those that some of us have at home, which help to give that extra festive cheer. We investigated and explored existing Christmas light ornaments and used these to then design and build our own. Working with the wood, glue guns and other equipment, we created some interesting and well-built Christmas products.

On Friday 11th December, Year 6 enjoyed their last Present Buying Day, hosted by our fantastic PTA. It was very different to other years – with only Year 6 taking part – but it was a great morning and we all managed to buy some special gifts for our families at home.

Autumn Term 1 - 2020

And, just like that, Year 6 have started the last year of their journey through Queen’s Inclosure. We haven’t let recent events stop us from learning and having fun throughout the first half-term!

As a starting point for one of our English journeys, we invited in The Young Shakespeare Theatre Company to re-tell the story of Macbeth. We all took part in helping to recreate the play, whether it was taking on one of the main roles, creating the atmosphere of the mystical heath or helping to cast the witches’ magical spells.



‘Light’ has been the focus of our Science learning this half-term in Year 6. We have discovered how light travels and then used this to explore how and why shadows are created by making our own shadow puppets to tell part of the story of Macbeth.



The children have enjoyed learning French this term. They can now hopefully tell you the names of the days of the week and the months of the year in French, as well as the numbers to twenty. They learnt how to read, say and write the words in French sentences.