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Year 5

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Year 5 Long Term Plan 2020-21

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Spring Term Newsletter

Spring Term 2 - 2021

Throughout the remainder of Spring 2, we will be learning about:

English: We will continue to learn about evacuation in World War II, using Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo as our inspiration, in order to learn how to write an evacuee diary entry. Then we will  learn about Shackleton and his ill-fated journey to Antarctica to inspire various different writing outcomes.

Maths: After recapping multiplication and division, we will be moving on to fractions!

Theme: The focus of our afternoon learning will be a science unit on properties of materials, which will include reversible and irreversible changes.

Spring Term 1 - 2021

During our lockdown period in Spring 1, our Themes have been: Power of the Monarchy and World War II- The Home Front.

We have learned how the power of the monarchy in Britain has changed over time – from 1066 to now (see Battle of Hasting poster). The Tudor period was a key focus and we used this to inform our play script writing in English (see example of play script). Using Horrible histories as inspiration, we created our own informative, yet humorous plays.

Play Script

The Battle of Hastings Poster

Next, we moved on to learn about World War II and the Home Front. Beginning with V.E. day, we then went back in time to learn why it all began. We concentrated on how war affected the lives of children as well as how the local area was affected.

The Blitz

In math, we have learned how to multiply and divide using informal and formal methods, and about properties of 2 and 3-d shapes.


Autumn Term 2 - 2020

We kicked off the second part of the Autumn term by exploring NASA’s excellent website on our SOLAR SYTEM! That really got the children hooked on out latest theme. The children loved visiting the planets and comparing the different planets to Earth.

This learning was a great kick-start to our science topic: Earth and Space. The children now understand what a year is, why Earth has day and night, and how the Moon appears to change over the course of a lunar month. The children also came up with some excellent questions- and we have all (adults included) enjoyed finding the answers to them as we have progressed through the half term.

Space proved a great inspiration for art collages, which were based on either real or imagined planets. In English, each child chose a planet from our solar system to research and take notes for. These notes they then turned into some very informative and entertaining chapters for a Space encyclopaedia. Each one proved personal to the author, and applied the features of non-chronological reports that we had been learning about in English: such as fact boxes, rhetorical questions, relative clauses, sub-headings and paragraphs. The children are very proud of their final edited versions.

With Christmas beckoning, our R.E. unit related to prophecy and the part of the Magi in the nativity story, and the significance of their gifts. The children now have a better understanding of why the Magi are such an important part of the Christmas story for Christians.

Autumn Term 1 - 2020

This half term, Year 5 have travelled back in time to Ancient Greece to learn about: the Greek words and prefixes that have filtered down into our own language, architecture, democracy and, of course, the Olympics!

After learning about some of the most famous heroes, such as Heracles, Theseus, Perseus and Odysseus, the children designed their own mythical foes and planned their own quest-style myths set in ancient times. They are taking real pride in applying speech and descriptive vocabulary. The children are already looking forward to sharing their Greek myths with one another. We can’t wait to turn the edited versions in to class anthologies! They should be EPIC!

Our Ancient Greece dress up day on Friday 16th October went down a storm, especially the Olympic Games. Highlights included discus (hoola-hoop) and javelin (foam versions, don’t worry!). The children all seemed to enjoy getting messy with clay as they made Greek pots; they can’t wait to decorate their creations - once they have dried properly.

It has been an action-packed Greek-inspired extravaganza of a half term, I’m sure you’ll agree!