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Queen’s Inclosure Primary School


Year 4

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Year 4 Long Term Plan 2020-21

Year 4 Summer Term Newsletter

Year 4 Easter Break Optional Learning

Spring Term Newsletter

Spring Term 2 - 2021

Throughout the remainder of Spring 2, we will be going on an adventure as ‘Eco Explorers’, learning about Living Things and their Habitats, and the way our actions influence and conserve our environment. Through English, we will be writing a letter to an adult in power to help us protect the declining population of bees. We will celebrate our new knowledge of how precious these animals are, but creating Bee Bungalows for them in DT, and planting up a wildflower bed which will enhance our school grounds and encourage some bee and butterfly visitors. Our science journey will be an opportunity to deepen our knowledge about our living world, and using classification keys to group living things. Our maths learning will include learning about fractions, taking a practical approach and investigating equivalents! Next, we will be learning a new method for addition and subtraction – we are buzzing! 

Spring Term 1 - 2021

During our lockdown period in Spring 1, our Theme was ‘Invasion!’. We explored our British History by looking at the Romans, Anglo Saxons and finally, the Vikings. We looked at how they settled in Britain, influenced our lives today and the legacy they left behind.

We enjoyed building our knowledge through a whole range of creative tasks which included designing our own Roman Spas, sketching artefacts from Sutton Hoo, creating our own Settlement maps, practising jewellery making by creating symmetrical brooch designs and our pagan religion ‘Top Trumps’ cards. We loved dressing up as Anglo Saxons and Vikings, and enjoyed re-enacting the events that took place at Lindisfarne.

For our English, we enjoyed creating a description of the Great Hall of Heorot from the Old English poem of Beowulf. We improved our vocabulary choices, adding spice to our writing, and creating the settings and props which we were able to share together with learners from home and in school.

Great Hall of Heorot

Kazue Village

Autumn Term 2 - 2020

Rhythm of the Rain!

During this second part of the Autumn term, we have immersed ourselves in the wonderful world of water. Through our Geography learning, we have explored the water cycle through observation, creativity, map work, recreating a surface runoff and accumulation model, and through field work in our school grounds. Thank you for your bottle donations; this enabled us to create evaporation gauges in order to record the constant change in evaporation and precipitation levels.

As part of our writing journey, we created our own ‘Water Cycle’ waterfall booklets, which involved using our ICT skills to create a blurb, and our increasingly familiarity and control with drawing inks to create water themed art works for our front covers. Our writing itself involved improving our understanding and use of paragraphs and subheadings, and sequencing the water cycle accurately through the use of fronted adverbials and time conjunctions. We have loved creating our own glossaries, building our knowledge of expert words.

We have enjoyed practising our French speaking skills with Mrs King, learning about colours and shopping, using fun games to give us all a chance to memorise and recite the language.

Switches and Sounds!

Our theme is driven by our Science learning journey, where we have learnt all about electricity. We have created our own circuit using different components, and have investigated which materials make the best conductors. We have created our own switches – ask us how they worked! We are Thomas Edisons of the future. 

Our learning journey has increased our familiarity with a range of fables – including tales from Africa. We have enjoyed learning about ‘morals’ of a range of stories, and being detectives for hidden messages within the texts we’ve read. We have retold our own version of the famous fable ‘The Lion and the Mouse’, where we have built upon our understanding of a plot sequence, language to portray a character in detail, and accurate use of inverted commas for direct speech. Ask us to demonstrate our Kung-Fu punctuation for any given speech!

As we approach Christmas, we have loved being able to practise our singing skills again and have loved collaborating for the QI recording. Our RE journey has explored the concept of Holy, and we have developed our understanding of the value of Mary to Christians as we approach the special festival.

Autumn Term 1 - 2020

During this first part of the Autumn Term, the children have been transported into the Wonderful World of Roald Dahl, immersing themselves in many of his imaginative and creative adventures.

This theme has run throughout our ‘Willy Wonka’ science, where we have been investigating states of matter. A big feature was our fun chocolate-melting experiment, where we learnt all about how solids can change in to liquids – and reverse! We had to hold a chocolate button in our mouths without giving in to eating it, to observe how long it took to melt! As part of ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’, we experimented with various liquids to see how long they took to freeze, and became expert scientists, using data loggers to take the temperature.

As part of our writing journey, we created our own chocolate factories and invented features that other learners would be excited to visit! We have been improving our vocabulary choices, and using a wider range of prepositions and adjectives, which we were able to apply when writing directions for visitors of our chocolate factories.

When learning about the famous illustrator Quentin Blake, we learnt how to draw Willy Wonka in his style. We then practised mastering drawing and watercolour skills, and learnt how to use drawing inks and drawing pens with care and precision, to create our own illustrations - book illustrators in the making!

Our music journey has started by practising body percussion, and we have been learning all about musical notes. This is in preparation for the next stage of learning, when we will be learning how to play an instrument.

Our shining learning moment was our Dress Up Day, when we came in to school as our favourite characters from Roald Dahl’s books. There were many Oompaloompas and Fantastic Foxes – and even a Chocolate Factory! We discovered how to recognise a witch (from Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches) and then created our own dramatic portraits of a witch – either with a disguise, or without! We did these with oil pastels, and loved using bold colour! We then wrote descriptions of a witch, so that others would know how to recognise one too!