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Queen’s Inclosure Primary School


Year 4

Curriculum Map for Year 4 2021-22


Indoor PE Outdoor PE
Thursday  Tuesday

Year 4 will need to wear their PE Kit to school each Tuesday for outdoor PE and each Thursday for indoor P.E.


Year 4 Summer Term Newsletter

Stubbington Study Centre Visit - 29.4.2022

Year 4 Spring Term Newsletter

Year 4 Autumn Term Newsletter

Spring Term 2022 Learning

This half-term, we have all become Eco Explorers!

SAVE THE BEES! Through our English Learning journey, we became fascinated by all things ‘Bee’! Firstly, we studied a bee’s anatomy, and learnt all about their function. It was really interesting to look at and try REAL honeycomb! We never knew that bees were responsible for so many of the products we enjoy and use today. As our journey progressed, we learnt about how species of Bee were under threat (with 2 extinct species already!) which inspired us to write a letter to persuade an adult in power to help protect the bees and make a change. We learnt about many different adults who could actually help our cause, and enjoyed writing about how vitally important we realised that Bees are to our lives. To help solitary bees, we have been designing our own Bee Bungalows, and we are so buzzing to build them on our return to school after Easter.



In CRAW, we learnt so much about our planet.  We have read a range of different text types trying to improve our understanding of the environmental issues our planet faces. We have all decided which guardian of the planet we would like to be, improving our understanding of the actions we could take and the responsibilities we have.   

On Friday 18th March, we became recycling experts as we celebrated World Recycling Day.  From our Science and English learning, we now have a better grasp of how and what to recycle and the impact this has.  We enjoyed creating presentations to deliver to the other learners in the school, telling them how to recycle materials in their classrooms and teaching them how to use the new compost bins. We have taken the first steps to making a greener difference!


In Science, we started by learning about different habitats and the living things within them. We went out into the QI woods to observe the living organisms and listen to the natural sounds within the habitat – we were lucky enough to capture a recording of the local woodpecker. We also made a nature collection of all the living things that could be found in this woodland habitat, discovering leaves and seeds that we had never seen before. During British Science Week, we explored the theme of growth and were excited to make our very own wormeries, reusing plastic bottles from home.  We followed instructions on how to make the wormery and couldn’t believe how many worms we collected in the organic matter.  After half-term, we will go on to learn about classifying living things in preparation for our trip.

Our learning did stop in the classroom or in our lovely school grounds.  We took part in the Year 4 Havant and Waterlooville Swimming Aqua Splash where we were triumphant and came 1st! A fabulous team effort.  In the later part of the term, the Year 4 Tag Rugby Team participated in the Year 4 Havant and Waterlooville Tag Rugby Tournament where we stormed into 1st place! Such a successful sporting term.

Autumn Term 2021 Learning

Year 4 dived into the second part of the Autumn Term, where we immersed ourselves into the wonderful world of water.  We learnt about the different stages of the Water Cycle and how essential this process is for our precious planet to thrive.

We studied the Peak District, carefully observing the different terrains and how water accumulates there. We made playdough models of the peaks, and by using a pipette, observed how precipitation changed into surface run off then accumulated – tricky stuff! Just ask us how we did it.  Next, we studied the Cornish coastal town of Boscastle. We learnt about the catastrophic flood of 2004. We discussed the human and physical causes as to why the flood was so significant.  We got our hands dirty and had a go at filtering our own dirty water.

  As part of our writing journey, we created our own ‘Water Cycle’ waterfall booklets. Our writing itself involved improving our understanding and use of paragraphs and subheadings, and sequencing the Water Cycle accurately. We especially loved building our knowledge of expert words, ready to use in our book.

Our theme ‘Rhythm of the Rain’ was also driven by our science learning journey, where we have learnt all about ‘Sound’.  At the beginning of the theme, we didn’t know that sounds are made from different vibrations. We grew our brains by learning new scientific vocabulary and investigating how different sounds are made. Our favourite learning moments were making our own sound muffling headphones – handy for a noisy event, and our own upcycled musical instrument which was great fun to share with our friends.

As we approached Christmas, we have loved being able to practise our singing skills and loved collaborating with the rest of Key Stage Two for the QI recording at the church. Our R.E. journey explored the concept of ‘Holy’. We developed our understanding of the significance of Mary to Catholics and Christians. We enjoyed meeting Father Jeremy from Sacred Heart of Jesus and St. Peter the Apostle, Waterlooville. Asking him different questions was our favourite part.