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Queen’s Inclosure Primary School



Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural

At Queen’s Inclosure, we believe that the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of our pupils is of the highest importance.

To support our teaching of SMSC in our school, we use:

  • …our ‘Characteristics of an Effective Leaner’ (Empathy, Resilience and Independence)
  • …our school CARE Code
  • …our PDL curriculum (Keeping Healthy, Keeping Safe and Relationships)
  • …our P4C (Philosophy for Children) discussion opportunities
  • …our R.E. curriculum
  • …and our exciting and stimulating integrated curriculum 

As leaders within the school, we have identified where each subject has links with and opportunities for SMSC teaching.


We endeavour to fully develop our children so that they become confident, independent thinkers and use their collective voice to help make decisions for the school through their democratically elected school council representatives. Our aim is to ensure that our children are able to reach their full potential, enabling them to become well-rounded citizens who are fully prepared for life in modern Britain.  

Spiritual Development  

We believe that Spiritual development is a continuous process, with assemblies and our integrated curriculum helping pupils to reflect on their own and others’ beliefs on a regular basis.      

Whole school assemblies focus on a wide range of issues and themes including, Christian beliefs, Religious Festivals, French assemblies, national and world events and pupil’s safety. Additionally, our pupils present their own year group assemblies, where they have the chance to share their learning with other children, teachers and their parents. As part of our collective worship, we welcome in visitors from the local community, including our local Reverend to lead assemblies and discuss the Christian faith with the children.

Regular circle times and P4C debates foster pupil’s unique potential, their understanding of their strengths and areas for development and their will to achieve while, as a whole school, we celebrate the successes of our various sport’s teams and other events that we participate in. All of this results in pupils who take interest in and respect of different people’s feelings and values while developing their own sense of self.  

Our Queen’s Inclosure R.E. curriculum follows the recommended Hampshire syllabus, Living Difference III.  

At Queen’s Inclosure, each year group’s curriculum is based around a theme and concept. Curious Cornelius – our school dragon – always wants to find out about the world around him and his questions form the basis of each and every theme that the children learn about. Curious Cornelius helps to harness the sense of enjoyment and fascination in our children’s learning, where they are also encouraged to continue their learning experiences through a range of homework tasks in their independent learning time outside of school.


Moral Development  

Children in our school follow our school CARE Code and are taught to consider what is right and wrong and how to apply this in their everyday lives. Our children know that when they make the best choices, they are always provided with the opportunity to reflect and consider how their choices have affected others and forgiveness is strongly promoted. As a school, we have adopted a restorative justice approach and use this to support children in making more improved and balanced choices in the future.


Through the introduction of our ‘Characteristics of an Effective Learner’, our children are taught to be tolerant and empathetic of others as well as a developing an understanding of the fundamental British values underpinning our school curriculum. Children are taught about all forms of bullying and are encouraged to challenge others when faced with wrong choices. E-safety is an on-going priority and the school promotes safety when online. 

Children are also given responsibility to support their peers in varying roles, including: Playground Pals, School Councillors, Sport’s Coaches, Junior Librarians, Gardening Crew, Happy Helpers and Assembly Squad.


Social Development

We aim foster a school community in which all pupils are included and where children are taught to celebrate their differences.  Our School Council encourages pupils to co-operate and communicate with each other in order to support and develop the everyday running of the school: we really harness the voice of the children.

Our curriculum also provides opportunities for children to develop an interest in, and understanding of, the way communities and societies function at a variety of levels, including the lives of pupils in other countries and events that take place in our local area.  For example, we have links with Village Africa (based in Tanzania) and have supported this charity for many years, supporting them to buy a local ambulance, build a school and furnish the interiors. Additionally, as a school, we also support a range of charities at a national level, including: Comic Relief, Sport Relief, Macmillan Cancer Support and most recently creating eco-bricks to be used locally.


Our integrated curriculum allows children to explore how people can grow up to fulfil a wide range of roles in today’s modern society as well as fostering their own future aspirations. We teach the National Curriculum’s core objectives and skills to ensure that our learners are ready for their life in our country’s future society. Additionally, to develop independence as individuals (as well as supporting the curriculum), Year 4 and Year 6 take part in off-site residential visits.

Cultural Development  

At Queen’s Inclosure, our members of staff are dedicated to taking every opportunity to ensure that our pupils are taught to appreciate and respond to a variety of aesthetic experiences and cultural activities.  

Through our rich and varied curriculum, our children are given the opportunities of learning about a range of modern and ancient cultures as well as a range of religions and faiths, as part of our R.E. curriculum.

Sports and performing arts are embraced and as a result, our children’s lives are enriched. Each year, all children in the school are provided with the experience of performing to their friends and family through class, year group and key stage opportunities. All pupils learn to play the Ukulele, a brass instrument and the samba drums in Year 4 (with some possible variation from year to year) and enjoy the opportunity to perform for their parents and rest of the school. We also participate in local music festivals.

Further to this, each year group participates in enrichment activities including: history days, dress up days, off-site visits to enhance the curriculum and sporting events. Our school has been awarded a Gold Sports Award for our participation and contribution towards sports. We participate in a wide range of sports, including: football, netball, archery, cycling, swimming, golf, tennis and hockey.  

As a school, we are pleased to offer a wide variety of clubs, showing that our children are keen to pursue their interests in their own time.