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Queen’s Inclosure Primary School


Learning from Home during School Closure


Message from Mrs Allen

Welcome to our new ‘Learning from Home’ page. 

We have tried to provide you with a range of activities that will help your child continue their learning journey while they are at home. 

The overview for each year group describes a range of tasks and activities that can be completed at home for mathematics, English, their current theme and some creative ideas.  The children have exercise books and their current Home Learning books to record their responses in. 

We hope you understand that we cannot reproduce materials which would be equivalent to their lessons in school, but the practice suggestions and tasks that we have provided are all relevant to your child’s year group and will help with maintaining their skills and knowledge.  Each year group has activity ideas in their section, so if your child’s report indicated that they are performing within the year or two below, then please feel free to access material for younger year groups.

We will upload the answers to reading comprehension exercises and maths problems on Friday so that the children can see how successful they have been.  We always encourage children to reflect on any incorrect answers to see if they can work out where they went wrong and how they could improve next time.  This will help them to learn from their mistakes.

We appreciate how challenging the coming weeks may be, with parents adopting the role of ‘teacher’, but strongly advise that you use the timetable template we have provided to maintain a routine; this will make it easier for both you and your child.  If you can, please try to avoid ‘rewarding’ your child for doing what you expect of them.  They are not used to rewards at school and so do not need them to be motivated to do educational activities.  Instead, value what they try to do, point out what they have tried hard at and thank them for their efforts and compliance. 

Then just remind them how much you love them (even we do that sometimes!).

We will endeavour to send you more guidance on this in order to support the consistency between home and school and to make it easier for when they return to QI.

All the learning that you do at home will further develop your child’s knowledge and understanding and help to maintain their skills. Creating and playing ‘schools’ will also help to manage the children’s anxieties and provide you with a structure that may make this whole situation a little bit easier.


The children who attend choir rehearsals have asked me to jot down a list of the songs we are learning so that they can practice them at home:
All That Jazz - from the musical Chicago
Wherever I go - Miley Cyrus
Hey Jude - The Beatles
Lady Madonna - The Beatles
Food Glorious Food - from the musical Oliver
In the future, we will be learning:
Don't stop me now - Queen
Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
Its  hard Knock Life - from the musical Annie
On My Way - from the film 'Brother Bear'
Waterloo - Abba
I hope this keeps everyone's spirits up. If you need something to get you moving in the morning, I can recommend 'You cant stop the beat' from the musical 'Hairspray'- it's a huge favourite in the Emery household!
Thank you. Good luck and God Bless
Mr Saxton