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Queen’s Inclosure Primary School


Emergency Childcare Requirements

NOTE: This form is for registered key workers in critical sectors ONLY.
Even if you fit the description of a key worker, we ask you to consider the school’s childcare provision ONLY if you have absolutely no appropriate alternative. We MUST LIMIT the number of children coming into contact with each other as much as possible in order for the Government's strategy to work. The most recent scientific advice on how to further limit the spread of COVID-19 is clear. If children can stay safely at home they should, to limit the chance of the virus spreading.

We need you to submit your requirements for the following week by each Friday morning, at the latest.

For safeguarding of children and staff, it is important that you inform us if your child is not attending school on any of the days that you have registered for. Thank you.

Please indicate which days your child(ren) will require emergency childcare for week beginning 20th April:*
My child(ren) will require a school lunch (normal payment arrangements apply for KS2)*
Please confirm the following:*