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Queen’s Inclosure Primary School


Optional Parents Consultation Evenings 24 & 26 May

As part of our continuing partnership with parents, we are offering an ‘optional’ Parents’ Evening on Tuesday 24th or Thursday 26th May. Several parents have told us that they sometimes feel obliged to attend a Parents’ Evening, even though as a result of our 'open door' policy, they feel well-informed and have no particular issues to discuss with their child’s teacher. For this reason, we are offering this session as ‘optional’ and ask that you indicate your areas for discussion i.e. a specific concern or question, in order to make the most of the limited time available.

For parents of children in Years 2 and 6, please be aware that we cannot unfortunately share any information regarding the statutory assessments (SATs) at this time. as the results will not be available before July.

Should you wish to make an appointment to meet your child's current class teacher, please indicate which time would be most convenient and respond by Wednesday 18th May. As we have done previously this year, we are continuing to offer either a face-to-face or telephone appointment. It would be most helpful if you could indicate more than one time slot, so the teachers can endeavour to offer brother and sister appointments, if needed, close together. Your appointment time will be sent, via text, by Friday 20th May. In exceptional circumstances, we are able to offer parents separate appointments but ask that you contact the office to arrange this.

Please select at least two different days or times, thank you.

TELEPHONE CONSULTATION - please select the times that you would be available


FACE to FACE CONSULTATION - please select the times that you would be available

Your appointment time will be sent to you, via text, by Friday 20th May.