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Queen’s Inclosure Primary School


Questionnaire for Sept 2020 (Open in Chrome)

This questionnaire should be completed by parents of ALL children in Years 1 to 6, returning to QI in September 2020.

The deadline for completion of this questionnaire is Tuesday 1st September 2020.

Are you confident that your child understands the current social distancing measures? i.e. not touching or hugging other children or adults ?*
Is your child able to wash their hands thoroughly, in accordance with NHS guidance, without adult supervision?*
Has your child, or anyone else in your household, experienced any symptoms of coronavirus since 1st August 2020?*

If 'Yes', you must also complete our online Health Declaration.

Has your child experienced loss directly related to COVID-19?*
Has your child experienced loss which is unrelated to COVID-19?*
Has your child displayed any symptoms of anxiety during the lockdown?*